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Istanbul – part 1: Sunset

Istanbul is the ultimate destination. It wowed you on every front: landscape, culture, religions, or foods. This is the first time I come to Turkey, and the country left such a great impression on me.

Some best spots to watch sunset in Istanbul: from Galata tower (I heard the view was magnificent, but the observation deck closed at 5pm, however you can dine at the restaurant on the tower at night to have a view), from Salacak on the Asian side (with view of the Maiden Tower, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace and many things else), or across the Galata bridge (the easiest, that’s what I did).

I went to Galata bridge twice but didn’t catch any intense sunset (seems like if the day is sunny and clear then the sunset would be dull, is it right?). The view across the water is still wonderful, with a thousands mosques and their myriad of minarets lining up the river bank.




For some reason, white gulls were gathering in large hordes near the shore:



Street vendor selling grilled mackerel  sandwich which perfumed the whole area and tasted very nice:


Plenty of people fishing on the bridge, and there seemed to be lots of fishes too. They caught often, some guy directly sold the fish he caught for grilling. When I walked under the bridge, the fishing lines were all over my head and sometimes a fish on a hook would fly at my forehead^^


Sunset over the Franco-Germany sky, on the flight back home:




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