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Fury and Fluffy


Welcome my dear readers,

this blog is from Fury – my brother and Fluffy – yours truly. We both love travelling, historical history and photographing. Some of the photos would be from my brother (with his consent of course) but the blogging would mostly be from me.

The blog’s name is Moveable feast of a mess, inspired by Hemingway, and by my trips which all turned to a kind of a mess, in a positive sense, that means a bizarre combination of chaotic moving around, picturesque landscapes, unstrustworthy local myth, good food and strange people. I would probably talk about travelling tips, but more than that you’ll see where I went wrong and may learn from my mistakes. If you see yummy cooking photos here, that would definitely be from me: my brother can cook well but he couldn’t care less about the food’s presentation.

Feel free to comment/compliment or even to criticise, the former more welcome than the latter 😉

~ Fluffy

(That pic is by the way from Fury)



My stock websites for photos:

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